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The STL-Amandi Foundation (SAF) is a Ghanaian registered non-profit organization that has been set up by the STL Group and its dedicated employees to support and promote the education, health and welfare of the children in our communities. SAF has delivered many education, health and welfare-related projects.Here is a snapshot of what we have achieved:

  • Providing assistance and medical treatment for individuals in need.
  • Funding a mobile clinic that provides healthcare services in areas with no access to hospitals.
  • Building and renovating schools with structures that were hazardous for the children attending them.
  • Allocating resources to grants, sponsorships and donations for computer equipment, libraries and all other educational resources required.

For the past few years, SAF has focused its attention on improving the provision of public schools for underprivileged Ghanaian children. These schools are often underfunded.


The STL-Amandi Foundation exists as a vehicle for STL Group to give back to the communities in which it works. STL invests a large portion of its budget to SAF to enable us to implement new initiatives and to provide continuing support for our existing projects. SAF’s  support is provided in two main aspects: the physical support (i.e. construction, renovation ) and also educational support via our numerous volunteers present in the school on a daily basis.For more information,please go to our initiatives page.

At SAF we set ourselves basic guidelines when we undertake all new projects:

  • Starting from the bottom – The support and investment provided is allocated to those in need.
  • Work in partnership – We fulfill our vision of a brighter future through collaboration with those we want to support.
  • Remember who we are working for -The students of the community are always at the center of our work and all projects are intended to give them practical skills to benefit them along the way.


Our mission is to give every child in Ghana a better future through education, to reassure every child that there is someone in their life who cares about them, and to endeavour to reach all of Ghana's regions, starting with the primary schools in Accra.


We believe that better education is followed by a brighter future. We strive to create a Ghana where there is equal opportunity for all of its children. We appreciate that all children are different and deserving of individual attention.

Our Our Philosophy

At SAF we live and work by the premise that every child deserves to have its basic needs met in terms of shelter, food, love, security and education. We are fortunate to be able to support the provision of education for children living in the Ghanaian communities in which we work. We follow the basic principle, that education is the main path to betterment. With a solid educational foundation, Ghana’s children will have much more improved future prospects.