SAF is proud to have approximately fifty volunteers who assist our daily activities in the various educational initiatives. STL Group associated companies encourage their employees to volunteer at SAF and set aside specific times for them to do so. Our volunteers provide assistance in the following fields:

  1. Math and English Literacy – mainly one-on-one basis.
  2. Reading books together.
  3. Art Classes
  4. Social games and other fun activities with an educational added value.
  5. Logistics assistance in the Children Nourishing project – delivery and distribution of food.

SAF employs two full-time employees in Dzorwulu A& B primary school. The employees who are in school on a daily basis are in charge of various extremely important aspects of SAF‘s activities in the school; the library, the feeding program, the volunteers, and the kids who take part in SAF’s Goal project.

They are also in charge of extracurricular activities such as music classes, drumming and dancing, arts and crafts  and other educational  topics like recycling, preserving the environment, nutrition and  hygiene  that the kids are taught during extracurricular activities.


STL group along with its associated companies are constantly involved in SAF’s educational initiatives. Their involvement and support are reflected in various wonderful ways.

Supertech – the ICT arm of STL group,   enables its  dedicated employees  to give some of their time each week through the SAF program to support the children who attend schools supported by SAF. This voluntary work provides extra-curriculum help with language, reading, music, art, photography and other areas in which the volunteers have knowledge to impart. Our enthusiastic volunteers have been known to bring in musicians and painters to visit the children and encourage their creativity.

Amandi – the construction arm of STL Group – is responsible for renovating these public schools. Initially, our work is focused on schools in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and schools along the coastline. Over time, we intend to expand our school renovation project into other areas of the country. Superlock is assisting SAF with providing doors, windows, railings, curtains and more to these  various schools.

School renovations in different extents/levels  are performed during school holidays in various schools SAF is involved in. They are there to build a new kitchen and toilet, change the floor tiles, paint the walls, change the doors and windows, supply furniture made in our own carpentry workshop and so much more  . Whatever the needs are STL group is there to help and assist and SAF is really fortunate to have those in house resources available for us whenever there is a need.

Please go to our gallery and also to the news page to see some of the latest activities conducted by Supertech, Amandi , Superlock and other associated companies of STL group.