Children Nourishment Project

SAF’s philosophy is based on the premise that every child deserves to have his/hers basic needs met in terms of shelter, food, love, security and education.

We strongly believe that when a child is hungry, he/she is unable to focus to achieve his/her full potential in school. Many kids come to school hungry, and our main goal is to change this daily reality in communities we are involved in.

The Children Nourishment project was established in 2017. Warm and nourishing meals and water are delivered to Dzorwulu Primary school three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by our volunteers.  SAF is also able to provide 450 meals each time and feed both the teachers and the students in the school.

SAF volunteers, STL group’s wonderful and dedicated drivers, pick up the meals from our caterer and delivers to the school. They also assist with distributing the meals to each of the children and we are thankful for their selfless contribution.

Our volunteers who visit the school as part as our educational initiatives witness a higher percentage of student presence on days food is provided.

SAF is also provides monthly financial assistance to Mallam Atta home school which allows the school’s staff to purchase provisions for the children who attend the school.

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