Mallam Atta Market Home School

The school was established by Alberta to offer a day care solution for the homeless children living in the market. It offers shelter, meals and basic education to 60 children between the ages 1.5 -15 years on a daily basis and for a small amount of GHC 1 per day.

Who are these children in the Mallam Attah Market?

Women, along with their children are sent from villages in the Northern region to Accra to work in markets. They carry baskets filled with goods purchased by patrons of the market. In exchange for their services, they earn a meager salaries. Their children are left to fend for themselves. These  women and their children sleep in market stalls under the sky, rain or shine and have limited access to food and basic necessities and do not attend school.

SAF is proud to take an active part in the daily operation of Alberta’s Mallam Attah home school. The school recently moved to a new location in the market in order to better accommodate the children’s needs. Amandi, one of STL’s associated companies and SAF’s partner has completed a massive renovation project in December 2018 which included a new class room, kitchen, toilet and bath (for further details go to our partners page)   which allows the kids to learn in a more accommodating environment. SAF’s various volunteers visit the school three times a week and offer the students one-on-one lessons, art classes and social games. The latest contribution by the "Believe and Achieve" volunteers is the conducting of regular math and literacy classes in various levels using textbooks and notebooks purchased by SAF. SAF also allocated monthly budget for the school to purchase basic food items for the meals provided for these kids on a daily basis.

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