The Freedom Skate Park

The desire and dream to build a skate park has been in the heart and mind of many skateboarders in Ghana, both children and adults, and STL - Amandi Foundation is excited to be part in this new initiative.

Surf Ghana, collective of skateboarders and surfers from Ghana have decided to initiate the process, and have partnered with SAF and additional partners like Vans, OFFWHITE and more.

In November 2021, 18 volunteers from “Wonders Around The World”  an organization that specializes in voluntarily building skate parks landed in Ghana. The 500 sqm land, which was allocated for this project , was swiftly converted from a jungle full of trees and plants into a fully operating Skate park within a month.

SAF took a highly active part in the construction process by providing the following :

  • ·         Surface clearing work from all the vast vegetation on site
  • ·         Filling the land with 850m3 suitable soil and compacting it as final preparation for the construction stage.
  • ·         Donating 85 m3 of high quality concrete, suitable for skate parks, which arrived ready to use in our concrete mixers.
  • ·         Donating a concrete pump for the whole duration of the casting.

The official opening of the skate park would be on 15th December, 2021, and it will be open to all, with no entry fees. Skate lessons will be given by professional instructors from Surf Ghana and other planned activities will also be available to visitors. There would also be availability of Skateboards for beginners who would love to to give skating a try. 

SAF is committed to the continuation of the collaboration with Surf Ghana, and  details of further collaboration will be shared soon.

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